"The carpenter stretches out a line. He marks it with a pencil. He shapes it with planes.
He marks it out with compasses and shapes it by the figure of a man,
with the beauty of a man, to reside in a house."
~ The Bible, Isaiah 44 ~

It is easy to have confidence in Michael's work and professionalism.  
As an old house (1830's) owner, I appreciate his thorough knowledge and especially his flexible, apt problem-solving skills for a full range of projects.
 I value his interest in working with the house's historical requirements (and my preferences) in creating millwork and trim.  He demands that he get it right, both in build quality and in visual appeal.  As I demand the same, I will call on Michael again any time I need work done on this or a future home.

David Gibson


We love our new kitchen!

We needed a builder who could imagine (and produce) a spacious kitchen within a very limited amount of actual square footage; all within a very tight budget. Michael listened to our thoughts and combined with his gifted imagination, delivered a wonderful finished product. To give us more usable space, he made the cabinets above the stove (15’ deep instead of the usual 12”) all the way to the ceiling; above and around the refrigerator he built a wonderful pantry with several more pullouts. Under the end of the kitchen counter he suggested a set of open shelves to accommodate one can deep storage. To give us additional drawer space, he came up with the idea of opening up the area under the stairs just behind the kitchen counter. We now have two enormous 24” X 30” pullouts that glide on heavy duty ball-bearing slides.

Perhaps the best part of our project was working with Michael. Since he did all of the plumbing, electrical, counter work, flooring and of course the cabinets, we only had to talk to one person; a person who took great pride in his work.

Arthur Skerker


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